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The largest selection of pedal vehicle information and reference material in the world! 

Pedal Car Books

Welcome to Pedal Car Books. This site is dedicated to promoting the wheel goods hobby. Here you will find information on pedal, chain drive and electric toy cars and trucks, Irish mails, tricycles, velocipedes, sidewalk scooters, wood and metal wagons, balloon and special interest bicycles as well as pressed steel toy cars and trucks.  We offer the largest selection of pedal vehicle information available anywhere.  You will also find information to assist you with various stages of collecting those small-wheeled wonders. So if you are looking for information to restore a special vehicle, or gain some knowledge of the wide variety of wheel goods that others are collecting this is the site for you.

Our selection of Pedal Car Books, reference guides and catalog copies is the largest such collection in the world. Additionally you will find an extensive variety of reference guides and books relating to Classic Bicycles, Tricycles, Wagons, Motor Bikes, Whizzer, Simplex and much more!

For over 20 years we have been dedicated to the Classic Bicycle and Pedal Vehicle hobbies. During that time we have been involved with the Classic Bicycle and Whizzer Club of America, pedal car hobbyists and published monthly newsletters and magazines for the Classic Bicycle and Pedal Car enthusiasts.

We have added some additional features to our site. You will now find a Pedal Car Events Calendar, Special Features articles and a selection of Pedal Car and Pedal Vehicle Parts.

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