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The A.M.F. Cab-over series was introduced in 1957 and resembled the G.M.C. Cab-over. This pedal vehicle quickly became quite popular with children.

Today collectors snap them up very fast to either restore or customize. They are often used as a tow vehicle for a trailer and boat, or car.

The original 1957 catalogs show the Cab-over was introduced in three models, the "Transport", the "Wrecker", and the " Hook & Ladder" truck.

1958 had to have been the banner year for the Cab-over as there were five different models to choose from.
The "Transport" was back although about 50% of the graphics had been changed as was the case with the "Wrecker". The "Hook & Ladder" became a "Pumper Fire Truck" with no ladders! In addition two new models were introduced.

The "US Mail Truck" and the "Electric Truck" complete with a one seventh horsepower motor powered by a 12 volt battery. (A little ahead of its time since thats how many of the toys are powered today!) It should also be noted that the hub caps on all models changed to the "BMC" type cap.

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