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In February 1982 the first Coaster newsletter was published announcing the start up of the Michigan Chapter of the Classic Bicycle Club of America in December 1981 with John Rastall as a co-founder and president. The club quickly evolved to the "The Classic Bicycle and Whizzer Club of Michigan".
This fledgling club almost immediately began publishing a bi-monthly, 1 or 2 page newsletter. This consisted of meeting minutes, handy classic bicycle tips, show and swap meet information, as well as want ads. As the Club grew so did the newsletter.  In 1991 as interest in the classic bicycle hobby diminished "The Coaster" published its last issue in December of that year. 
In 1995 a young classic bicycle hobbyist, Steve Culver, acquired the rights to "The Coaster" and began publishing the "Classic Bike" newsletter/magazine. Many who subscribed to Culver's publication feel, as I do, that each issue was a work of art. 
Steve Culver has granted Pedal Car Books permission to publish articles from the "The Coaster" and "Classic Bike". In the months to come we will be adding stories from these publications to our site. We hope that you will enjoy them as much as we do.
Marge Rastall

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